Poplar Log Church of Christ
12220 Tompkinsville Rd.
Glasgow, Ky 42141

Sept. 25th, 2022

Door: Carroll Key

 Announcements: Dale Birge

Table: Robert Warren

Servers: Joe Warren, Dalton Emmert, Terry Emmert

Attendance: R.J. Pitcock


• Friends & Family Day is next Sunday.

• Our hayride + cookout is October 8th at noon.

• Everyone is invited to the wedding of Callie Dubree and Jacob Shirley on October 15th at 4 p.m. The location is 261 Levy Payne Road, Mount Hermon.


 PRAYER LIST Gina Beth Adams, Margaret Barrett, Bobby Burgess, Shelia Comer, Hattie Green, Amanda Jessie, Michelle Kingrey, Sandy Lollar, Pete Parker, Alydia Parrish, Gracie Pitcock, Jeff Richey, Logan Steenbergen, Mollie, Thompson, Barbara Turner, Beverly Watkins, Linda Mae Woodcock, Phil Ward


BIRTHDAYS  Jackson Boston (27th) Justin Shaw (30th)


 ANNIVERSARIES   Nolan & Briley Dubree (26th)   Ethon & Holly Harper (27th) Terry & Tammy Emmert (28th)


 ATTENDANCE Sunday Morning: 71 Sunday Night: 43 Wednesday Night: 41


 Soul Food “Why do you spend money for what is not bread, And your wages for what does not satisfy? Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good, And let your soul delight itself in abundance.” (Isaiah 55:2) Let’s admit something: There is food that is good for us and there is junk food. There is food that builds the bones and muscles, and there is food that clogs the arteries. There is food that provides energy, and there is food that just adds fat. In short, there is good food and bad food. So why would people spend good money on bad food? I know the answer, because we all have done this...we do it because we like the way it tastes! God asked a similar question 2700 years ago about how His people were feeding their souls. They were more interested in consuming spiritual junk food than in eating a healthy spiritual diet. They were doing this by disobeying God and living in ways that dishonored Him. As a result of consuming the wrong spiritual diet, they were bringing spiritual sickness and harm to themselves. But God did not just give the warning of what would happen if they continued eating spiritual junk food, He gave them a dietary plan that would bring them back to spiritual health. They were to “forsake” their wicked ways and thoughts (Isaiah 55:7) and “return to the LORD” (Isaiah 55:7). And they were to consume the food that was good for their souls – the word of God (Isaiah 55:11). Doing this would cause spiritual health which brings joy and peace (Isaiah 55:12). Do you desire a spiritually healthy life? Then hunger for His word. Feed on it, digest it, and allow it to generate spiritual strength and energy for your life. Eat some “soul food” every day!