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Sunday, August 5, 2018



Lord’s Table For: August

Table:  Carroll Key

Servers: Carl Thomas, Doyle Fox & Josh Caldwell

Announcements: Eddie Paul Wood

Attendance: Mike Edwards & Dillian Lee

Door: R.J. Pitcock



·      Today is our monthly Friends and Family Day! Please plan to stay and fellowship with us after the service.

·      The ladies will meet this Tuesday at 9:30. Please bring a baby picture of yourself for a fun game!

·      We’d like to extend our thanks to Don Smyth and Grant Hamilton for leading our services last week.                                    

·      Remember our prayer list and shut-ins! Send them a card, go visit, or just a phone call will help brighten up their day! 

·         Prayer List:  Pat Birge, Rollie Kingery, Shirley McGonical, Tody Dyer, Chuckie Vibbert, Emily Jones, Greg McGuire, Bobby Barrett, Billy Cassidy, Gage Smith, Nash Hamilton, Octavia Kline-Berry, Bob Kuhns, Steve Kirkpatrick, Tim Shipley, Shelvy Boston, Danny Belcher & Wayne Blythe

·         Happy Birthday to: Gary Wilson (5th), Jason Johnson, Paisley Dyer, Lucas Geralds (6th), Shady Wood (7th)

·         Happy Anniversary to:  Randy and Sharon Bow (12th)




Sunday Morning: 109

Sunday Night: 52

Wednesday Night: 42