Poplar Log Church of Christ
12220 Tompkinsville Rd.
Glasgow, Ky 42141

Sunday, July 3rd, 2022

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Remember to bring your coin banks for Potters' Orphan Home on July 3rd!

 Door: Dale Birge

 Announcements: Kenny Gentry

Table: Carroll Key

 Servers: Justin Shaw, R.J. Pitcock, Blade Taylor

 Attendance: Josh Groce

• Today is Friends & Family Day. Please stay for the meal followed by singing as our nightly service will be dismissed.

 • Please turn in coin banks for Potter Children's Home.

• VBS is July 17th-20th at 6:30 nightly. The theme is Noah's Ark Adventure. Sign up for volunteers for classes is on the bulletin board.

 • Everyone is invited to a baby shower for Haley & Christopher Stewart which will be held here on Saturday, July 9th from 2-4.

PRAYER LIST Alydia Parrish, Gracie Pitcock, Staci Frazier, Chloe Dippel, Jane Baldwin, Wilma Trobaugh, Sue Turner, Margaret Barrett, Hattie Green, Jeff Richey, Barbara England, Logan Steenbergen, George Biggerstaff, Kevin Denton, Sandy Lollar, Gunnar Eaton, Vivian Fisher, Johnny Wood, Gina Beth Adams, Rosa Biggerstaff, Joan Gassaway, Bart Branstetter, Easton Pitcock, Bobby Burgess, Robby Eversole

BIRTHDAYS  Alanda Johnson (4th) None Gracie Martin (4th) Tammy Wood (5th) Deaton Emmert (6th) Steven Wyatt (7th)

ATTENDANCE Sunday Morning: 71 Sunday Night: 31 Wednesday Night: 32

The 23rd Channel 1 The TV is my Shepherd. 2 My spiritual growth shall want. 3 It maketh me to sit down and do nothing for His name's sake because it requires all my spare time. 4 It keepeth me from doing my duty as a Christian because it presenteth so many good shows that I must see. 5 It restoreth my knowledge of the things of the world, and keepeth me from the study of God's word. 6 It leadeth me in the paths of apathy and doing nothing in the Kingdom of God. 7 Yea, though I live to be a hundred, I shall keep on viewing my TV as long as it will work, for it is my closest companion. 8 Its sound and its picture, they comfort me. 9 It presenteth entertainment before me, and keepeth me from doing important things with my family. 10 It filleth my head with ideas which differ from those set forth in the word of God. 11 Surely no good thing will come to my life, because my TV leaveth me so little time to do the will of God. 12 Thus, I will dwell in the house of idleness and sloth forever