A young mother was shocked to learn that her little son had told a lie, taking him on her knee she vividly explained what happens to little boys who lied. She told him  "A big black demon with fiery red eyes and two sharp horns grabs little boys who tell falsehoods and carries them off at night. They have to work in a dark canyon for 50 years. Now you won't tell another lie will you.  "No, ma'am came the prompt reply. You can tell 'em much better than I can!  

What we can learn from this is "It doesn't matter whether it is a child or an adult lying, because lying is a sin. The Bible declared,  "All liars shall have their part in the lake of fire, which burnet with fire and brimstone" Rev 21:8

There are several from the congregation who are going to Polishing the Pulpit in Sevierville Tennessee this next week, we hope they have a safe trip, and that their trip will be uplifting and edifying.

Can you be trusted? Can your friends always trust that when you say something it is the truth? The Bible commands that every man should speak the truth with his neighbor. Eph 4:25

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