There are several in the services of the Lord who only contribute a small amount to the cause or promise they made to the Lord when they became Christians.   There is an old story of a chicken and a pig that illustrates one of the truths in life. A chicken and a pig were going down an old dirt road, when they noticed a sign telling of a banquet to be given for a charitable organization. Both the chicken and the pig thought they should help, but could not think of a way. Suddenly, the chicken said "I know!  I'll donate a dozen eggs, and you can donate  the ham." The pig said.  "Hold itA dozen eggs  from you is just a contribution but a ham from me is a real sacrifice; why, it's total commitment"

Well if you happen to read the Bible correctly, that is exactly what God wants from each of us. He does not want just a contribution with an hour or two of church service or attendance on Sunday. He wants total commitment; He wants your life.  Think about it.

 Remember our Sunday services :  Bible study at 10AM  worship at 11:AM 

  We are located on Hwy 63 in the Freedom Community about half way between Tompkinsville and Glasgow, you can't miss us. Come on out and join us and bring someone with you.