Poplar Log Church of Christ-Notes from the Preacher

There is a lot of  sickness going around this time of the year, some people blame it on the weather, some just say it is because people don't take care of themselves. I really don't know what causes the sickness like we have right now but I do know on the news a couple of nights ago they said Kentucky was in an epidemic for flu.  There are several schools that have and are letting out because of this. I know I preach that you shouldn't let small things keep you from the services of the Lord, but just let me say this. If you have the symptoms of the flu, don't come to the services of the Church, you may be contagious and if you are you could spread it and make others sick.  Now some people will read this and automatically say "Well the preacher said not to come to the services if you aren't feeling well."  You know if you are sick or not, and you know if you should come to the services or not, so don't use that as an excuse.  All it takes is just a little common since.

There are some among us who seem to have more problems that do others. Let me just say this: the man or woman who doesn't have any problems at all has not been born yet. Marriage problems, school problems, money problems, problems at work, and just thinking about them can ruin your day. But from my prospective the number one problem I see is SIN that little three letter word that has almost vanished from our vocabulary, is still real and it is a problem non the less. You see the bible says when we break God's laws we SIN  and that is a problem whether we admit it or not.  But when you look closely, this SIN can most of the time be linked to our problems, work, play, marriage, money.  Sometimes we let these things lead us in the wrong direction, and they cause us to sin. The Bible says for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Rom 3:23  and later on it says that the wages of sin is death. Rom 6:23  but it also says the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.... So there you have it ........Problem..... and solution!

Come join us at the gathering of the saints this Sunday here at the Poplar Log Congregation. Bible study starts at 10:AM worship at 11:AM

We are currently studying the book of Revelation in bible stud, our lesson Sunday will be on "Divine rules and their exceptions"

 We are located on Hwy 63, about half way between Glasgow and Tompkinsville in the Freedom Community.  Come on out and join us, we want to make you our part of our friends and Christian family