I read an article a week or so back about aging, in it the writer pointed out a few things that old age will not do. Old age will not make you bitter if you have been bitter all along.  Old age will not detract from your looks, if you weren't much to look at before.  Old age will not keep you from attending church services, if you were not regularly attending church services before.  Old age is something that happens to all of us, if we continue to live we don't have a choice in the matter.  Some people seem to handle old age better than others, for some reason there are those who grow old gracefully, while others are bitter and grouchy. The writer of the article I read said in his observation of people, those who grew old gracefully were those who were happiest while getting old. those who grow old bitter and grouchy seemed to be those who were that way while they were young. What he concluded from his observations was "You really don't change much when you get old, you just have more time to practice it, because your not at work.    How are you aging?

Gary Hodge is still in the T J Sampson Hospital recovering after surgery, reports was he may get to come home Friday

Jerene Sneed has been back in the emergency room again this week, seems to be having problems with her ability to breath without discomfort.

Kevin Dyers brother Mark Dyer passed away from complications after heart surgery. Please keep Kevin and his family in your prayers

Our annual hay ride and hot dog cook out will be this Friday evening  we will assemble at the Church building at 5:30 and as soon as the wagons are loaded go on the hay ride. There will be hot dogs, chili, potato soup, taco soup and lots of goodies. come on out and join us having fun

Don't forget our Gospel meeting starting October 8th and goes through October 11th with Bill Watkins  make plans to attend every service, tell your friends and relatives, and invite someone who does not attend anywhere.