Poplar Log Church of Christ-Notes from the Preacher

People sometimes jump to conclusions, a lady invited some of her friends to a mushroom steeak dinner. When the mushrooms were opened, a slight scum was on top. Since the guest were expected shortly, the lady suggested, "Give the dog a little and if he eats it, it is probably alright." The dog liked it and begged for more. The dinner was completed and the guests were served.  After the main cours, the maid hurriedly whispered to the mistress, "ma'am, the dog is dead!"  There was no time to loose; there was only one thing to do. Sometime later, the guest were recovering after the use of a stomach pump. The lady ask the maid, Where is the dog now? The maid replied, "Out on the front steps, Ma'am, where he fell after the car hit him"

We should always wait until we get the full story before we act on anything, because we could be wrong.

Don't forget our Sunday morning services, we start with bible study at 10:AM and worship at 11:AM 

We are located on Hwy 63, about half way between Glasgow and Tompkinsville in the Freedom Community.  Come on out and join us, we want to make you our part of our friends and family