Historians have related the story of a man named Abdul Kassem Ismael, who lived in the tenth cenury, and was a scholarly high-ranking offical of Persia. He had a library of 117,000 volumes.  On his many travels as a warrior and statesman, he never parted with his books. They were carried about by 400 camels that were traned to walk in alphabetical order. His camel driver librarians could put their hands on any book their master requested. This leader valued his books very highly.

We have God's Word in book form, it is called the Bible, and it should be considered the most valuable book ever written. It contains all the will of God for all mankind; the directions for our lives so that we might reach the heavenly prepared mansion in Heaven. But even though almost every home in America has at least one copy of the Bible in it, not many actually read it.

Ladies and gentlemen, just owning a bible will not save you, it will not get you to heaven if you don't know what is in it.  If you own a bible, study it.  Your soul depends on it.

Remember our Church Services Sunday morning at 10:AM for bible study, and at 11:AM for worship

This Sunday is the begining of our Vacation Bible School we will be starting with the morning bible study. The title of our BVS this year is Excivating.  We invite you to come join us having fun learning more about God's word. our VBS will go through Wednesday night, come on out we have classes for everyone.

We are located on Hwy 63, about half way between Glasgow and Tompkinsville in the Freedom community