Yagottawanna!  This may be a new word to some of you, but it is a powerful word. It represents what you will or will not do concerning many things in life - Sports, Politics,  Morality, Christianity, etc.

If you want to be successful in the business world - yagottawanna!

If you want to be great in a particular sport - yagottawanna!

If you want to study, learn, and be good at a particular job - yagottawanna!

If you want to be a child of God, faithful and serve our Lord as He desires, and endure to the end and receive heaven as a final gift - yagottawanna!

Heaven is not a place you get to accidently, if you really want this to be your eternal home, then you yagottawanna!

Remember our Sunday services :  Bible study at 10AM  worship at 11:AM   We are located on Hwy 63 in the Freedom Community about half way between Tompkinsville and Glasgow, you can't miss us. Come on out and join us