Poplar Log Church of Christ-Notes from the Preacher

My wife had in the past accused me of not listening, I hear her talking but the words just don't come through sometimes. I guess we all have this problem from time to time. Most people don't know it but God is interested in our hearing, the Jews heard, but they did not hear. Many today hear, but they actually do not listen.   Did you know there are different kinds of hearers, and listeners. sometimes we listen to criticize, meaning sometimes we pick words, sentences, or facts apart. We hear error but not the truth.

Then sometimes we listen in resentment. We hear with hate, with hostility, truth does not change our intellect, but only fires our passion.

Sometime we listen in superiority, and when we do that it is snobbery at it's worst. We only hear your words to be polite.

Then there are those who listen  to learn. When we do this we are seeking, knocking, and asking. This is when we are listening to learn what we need to do in order to be obedient  to the truth, and when we listen to learn then we will be blessed because we listen to grow and prosper, and then we will be blessed

How do you listen, and what do you hear when you listen? The word of God or just someone talking.

 There are three gospel meetings starting Sunday

Berea with different speakers each night

Oak Hill with Mike Taniro

Willow Shade with Wendall Davis

I am sure these congregations would love for you to come support them.

Don't forget our services start at 10:AM with bible study, and worship will begin at 11:AM

We are located on Hwy 63, about half way between Glasgow and Tompkinsville in the Freedom Community.  Come on out and join us, we want to make you our part of our friends and family