Just this week a couple of birds have been trying to build a nest on my security light on the carport, I didn't want them to build there because if they did get the nest built and hatched little ones, when the light would come on it would cook the little ones, so I proceeded to tear the nest down each time I could. This went on all week, every time I would tear it down they would rebuild it. I thought to myself what presistent little things they were. Then I realized that is how God wants us to be, he doesn't want  us to give up if we want something.

I read a story once of a mother who was trying to get her daughter to read the bible with her, the mother took her bible  from the shelf, dusted it off, and told her daughter  to read a chapter before she could go out and play. "All right, Mother  the little girl said, but lets read from Grandmothers bible, it's more interesting  than yours.   Why, what make you say that Sweetie? My bible is exactly like Grandmothers.  Oh no, mother, the observant little lady insisted. I am sure Grandmothers bible must be more interesting than yours, because she reads it so much more often that you do.

Friends it's hard to preach what we do not practice.  Our children and those around us will learn from what we do a lot more than what we say.

We need to be like the little birds who were so persistent in trying to build their nest, not give up when it seems there is so much going against us. "Remember the Lord said himself, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee."

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