Remember our Gospel Meeting starting May 6th and going through 9th That is Sunday through Wednesday with Alan Watkins  Start making plans now to attend every night and invite someone to come with you.

I paid a visit to my family doctor yesterday for a 6 month checkup, during our conversation I told him I was having a lot of pain in  my back radiating down my legs, especially in the early morning when I first get up. He ask some rather common questions, had I lifted anything I shouldn't have, maybe stretched the wrong way?  I told him no I hadn't but the problem seems to be getting worse. He scheduled me for an X-Ray and when he got it he said he couldn't see anything out of the norm. He then told me the only way to be certain was to do a MRI  so I went to Bowling Green this morning and had one of them. While I was there I jokingly said to the Technician, what do you think it could be.  He said probably old age. I stopped and looked at him and said "How can you say that, I'm only 69 and 1/2 years old"  I was joking  but evidently he took it very serious, because he apologized for the rest of the time I was in there. I told him to relax I had already come to that conclusion.

Then I got to thinking about the things old age will not do for you:  Old age will not make you a bitter person, If you have been bitter all along.  It will not detract from your looks if you weren't much to look at before. It will not let you blame your mistakes  on someone else if you have always made mistakes.  It will not give you excuses to miss the Church services  if you have not been in the habit  of attending faithfully.  It will not keep you from Church work if you have never done Church word before.

You see old age is just another phase of life.  You can use it to glorify God you can spend it  complaining and making others miserable. The same is true in any phase in your life.  But remember this.....It will shortly come to an end!!!!

Remember our Church Services start with Bible study at 10:00AM and Worship at 11:00AM    We invite you to come out and join us in both of these services.

 We are located on Hwy 63 in the Freedom Community about half way between Glasgow and Tompkinsville