A small boy was ask to put together a map of the world that had been cut into numerous pieces.  In just a few minutes, he completed the assignment. When ask how he completed the job so quickly, he said, "I saw the picture of a man on the back of the map. so, I put the man together and when I got the man right, the world was right."   The little boy preached a powerful sermon for us. If you and I want a better world, the place to start is with Self.  A better world begins with us.

The Bible reveals judgment is going to be on an individual basis. Each must give an account of himself to God (Rom 14:12)  You're not responsible for the whole world, but you alone are responsible for your part of the world. There are so many of us today trying to change the world to what we think it should be, but in reality we don't have our little part of the world the way it should be in the sight of God.

Let us diligently  pray that we can and will do our part to make the world a better place, and to be a Christian example to everyone around us...... It might just rub off on someone.

This Sunday the young folks will be going to Taylor Christian Camp for the week, and on Friday the Church, "Everyone who wants to will be going to the camp to cook for them."

Also Wednesday July the 4th Jack Honeycutt will be at our Wednesday evening service to update us on  the India mission work we are helping to sponsor.

Remember our Church Services start with Bible study at 10:00AM and Worship at 11:00AM    We invite you to come out and join us in both of these services.

 We are located on Hwy 63 in the Freedom Community about half way between Glasgow and Tompkinsville, come on out and join us in study and worship.