There are not many people left who can remember  the old ice box, my grandparents had one but hardly ever had any ice for it in the summer.  Granpa would however put ice in it in the winter time to keep things cold inside the house. The rural area where they lived didn't have a regular route for ice delivery. In those days the food was kept cold by placing  the ice in the upper chamber, and the food below it.  It is significant to me to realize that many of our memories relate to the simple things in our lives.  When Jesus was on this earth  he taught  the people it is said, and common people heard him gladly, because they understood his simple messages.   What is the point you might ask? The answer is  Simple Gospel  for simple folks, you might say that is a combination you just can't beat.

 Remember our Sunday services :  Bible study at 10AM  worship at 11:AM 

  We are located on Hwy 63 in the Freedom Community about half way between Tompkinsville and Glasgow, you can't miss us. Come on out and join us this Sunday and I think you will leave knowing we are a loving and caring congregation, preaching and teaching only the truth.

Remember our Gospel Meeting Starting May 6th and going through 9th That is Sunday through Wednesday with Allen Watkins  Start making plans now to attend every night and invite someone to come with you.