Poplar Log Church of Christ-Notes from the Preacher


Our first Sunday service for 2019 was a great way to start out.  We had 108 in attendance, our lessons were good, and we had several visitors who commented on how good our people were at making them feel so welcome. I would like for us to continue this trend throughout the year 2019 and improve on every level. I have already spent more time studying in the past two weeks than I did in the previous 4 weeks combined. The scriptures tell us to Study to show ourselves approved unto God... Lets all prove to God in 2019 that studying God's word is something we are going to do more of than we have in the past. This will make us better Christians, which means we will be better people, and our church will grow because of this.  I thank God because of our growth in number the past years, now it is time we ask God to make us grow spiritually.  From the studies we have had already from the book of Revelation, I don't want us to become a church that if God wrote us a letter he would find condemnations with us.  So let us study a little more, and also pray a little more that we might find in God's word the answers to all our 2019 questions about how to be Christian, and how to live a Christian life.  Therefore our lights will shine before men, that God may be glorified.

Come join us at the gathering of the saints this Sunday here at the Poplar Log Congregation. Bible study starts at 10:AM worship at 11:AM

We are located on Hwy 63, about half way between Glasgow and Tompkinsville in the Freedom Community.  Come on out and join us, we want to make you our part of our friends and Christian family